CSR Research Workshops

The Center offers a variety of workshops that introduce data collection topics to researchers, decision-makers, project staff, and students around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  In addition to offering these workshops at Penn State Harrisburg, the Center can also deliver these workshops off-site.  Contact Steph Wehnau, Director of the Center for Survey Research, at 717-948-6429 or csr@psu.edu for more information. 


Focus Groups 101

Members of the Center's qualitative research team will introduce key elements and practices that can increase the success of a focus group project. Get tips on planning, recruiting, and conducting a focus group discussion. 


Questionnaire Design

Learn the basics of crafting a solid data collection instrument by identifying your data needs, mapping key survey topics, and writing good questions and response choices. Participants may find it helpful to bring along their draft questionnaire to help guide questions and discussion.


Qualitative Research Techniques

Focus groups and one-on-one interviews allow researchers to delve deeper and obtain an in-depth understanding of a particular topic.  Learn when and how to utilize these methods in your research projects.  Development of moderator’s guides and intake forms, logistics and planning strategies, recruiting techniques, and facilitation tips will be covered during this workshop. 


Web-based Data Collection Methods and Tools

Have you found yourself using SurveyMonkey, but ending up frustrated with its limitations?  Or, have you been thinking about developing a web survey or expanding your skills in web data collection?  Learn when to use a web survey and determine which web survey tool is best for the job.  Project design considerations and challenges to consider in collecting data via the web will be covered during this workshop.


Data Preparation

Data preparation is an important, although often overlooked, step that takes place before you complete your analysis.  Learn techniques to ensure that your data is recorded consistently and is properly formatted to run basic statistics. Topics include: checking data for accuracy, data entry considerations, coding and re-coding response choices, and how to handle missing data.


Data Collection: Ideas to Execution

Do you have a data collection project in mind, but you don’t know where to start?  This session will provide an overview of issues to consider when setting up a project and ideas for getting the wheels in motion. Learn how the interrelated elements of your research question(s), methodology, feasibility, and data quality frame your decision-making about the process of collecting data. 


The Center for Survey Research can also prepare a customized workshop for you!  Email the Center at csr@psu.edu with your ideas.