Lion Poll Lite

Lion Poll Lite is a smaller-scale version of the Lion Poll, an omnibus online panel survey where organizations and researchers with statewide interests can contribute one or more customized questions.  Clients receive fewer completed surveys (500 adult Pennsylvanians), responses from ten demographic questions, and have access to only two question types.  The Lion Poll Lite survey is conducted twice a year (summer and winter).  


Question types (both $700 per question):

  • Closed - select 1: Up to 5 response options 
  • Open - numeric entry 


The following items are included with the per question costs:

  • Assistance with wording and sequencing of questions
  • Ten standard demographic questions: age, sex, ethnicity, race, education, income, political affiliation, and geography (zip code, county, region)
  • Complete methodological report detailing both technical and quality control procedures
  • Cleaned dataset of client's question(s) and standard demographic questions that is representative by age/sex and region.


Other reporting services, including but not limited to: frequencies, cross-tabulation tables, results reports with statistical analysis, word clouds, and presentation of results are availble for an additional fee.  For more information on Lion Poll Lite deliverables, please explore the Reporting Add-ons page.  Contact CSR Assistant Director, Nicole Sturges at 717-948-4323 or for more information.