Lion Poll's Demographic Questions

23 standard demographic questions are included with all Lion Poll results. 
New for 2022 are questions on sexual orientation and gender identity. In addition, variables indicating federal poverty status based on a respondent's household income and number of people living in the household were added in 2021.
Demographic questions include:
  • age
  • sex/gender/gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • ethnicity
  • race
  • education
  • income
  • federal poverty level status (e.g., 100%, 150%, 200%)
  • voter registration status
  • political affiliation
  • political ideology
  • geography (zip code, county, region, rural/urban status by zip code and county)
  • number of children in the household
  • number of adults in the household
  • household size
  • marital status
  • employment status
  • veteran status