The Lion Poll is an omnibus web panel survey where organizations and researchers with statewide interests can contribute one or more customized questions to the survey. Clients only pay for the question(s) they submit and receive data from their question(s) as well as 23 demographic questions; questions start at $1,000. The Lion Poll is conducted twice a year (spring and fall), and 1,000 adult Pennsylvanians are surveyed during each administration. 

Sponsors of the Lion Poll can use the results of the survey to track public policy issues; measure general attitudes, awareness, and knowledge of their organizations; and measure satisfaction with organizational services and performance. 

Twenty-three standard demographic questions (age, sex/gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, education, income, federal poverty level status, voter registration status, political affiliation, political ideology, geography (zip code, county, region, rural/urban status by zip code and county), number of children in the household, number of adults in the household, household size, marital status, employment status, and veteran status), assistance in wording and sequencing questions, a methodology report, and a cleaned dataset of client's question(s) and standard demographics are included in the cost.  A variety of reporting options are available for an additional fee.  


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