About CSR

The Center for Survey Research has provided primary data collection services to the University as well as local, regional, state, and nation organizations since 1987.  CSR services include survey instrument design; web, mail, and face-to-face surveys; focus groups; in-depth interviews; statistical analysis; and data visualization.  Our suite of offices located on the Penn State Harrisburg Campus features a focus group facility with a viewing room. 

Our efforts have enabled clients to track public policy issues, inform decision-making and policy-making, assess knowledge of or opinions about specific topics, perform benchmarking, conduct academic research, and measure satisfaction with organizational services and performance. 

CSR is a unit within the Institute of State and Regional Affairs (ISRA) at Penn State Harrisburg. ISRA has been conducting social, economic, political, and environmental research for over thirty-five years. Other related units housed under the ISRA umbrella include the Pennsylvania State Data Center , the Center for Geospatial Information , the Economic Development Research and Training Center , and the Integrated Technology Center. Many of CSR's project activities benefit from collaborative interaction between these related centers.

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