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Digital Dashboard Examples

Criminal Justice Advisory Board Data Dashboards
The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) in collaboration with the Pennsylvania State Data Center at Penn State Harrisburg secured federal Statistical Justice System funding from the Bureau of Justice Statistics to implement a digital dashboard system.  The pilot process was completed in April 2013, and the dashboards are now implemented on a statewide basis.


PCCD is committed to improving the administration of justice at the state and local level through the implementation of innovative solutions. At the county level, these efforts have been facilitated through the establishment of county Criminal Justice Advisory Boards (CJABs), which include a wide-continuum of county officials from the courts, corrections, law enforcement, community-based justice organizations, executive branch agencies, health and human service agencies, victims' service agencies, and the faith communities. CJABs use a collaborative approach to justice planning and problem solving.


The dashboards track key metrics from the county justice system including: prison indicators, courts indicators, juvenile indicators, probation/parole indicators, law enforcement indicators.


To view the Criminal Justice Advisory Board Data Dashboards, visit: Criminal Justice Advisory Board Data Dashboards


Pennsylvania Demographic Dashboards

The Pennsylvania State Data Center has created dashboards of U.S. Census Bureau data for various demographics of the Commonwealth. The dashboards use data from the 2010 Decennial Census and the latest American Community Survey (ACS) data to provide views of the state of Pennsylvania's population on a series of metrics.


To view the various demographic dashboards of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, visit:

2010 Decennial Census

ACS Income 2007-2011

ACS Education 2007-2011