Reporting and Analysis

The Center for Survey provides a methodological report detailing both technical and quality control procedures for all data collection projects.  CSR follows the reporting guidelines set forth in the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.  This includes disclosing the following items:
  • Sponsoring agency
  • Survey instrument(s) and/or moderator’s guide(s) used
  • Definition of the study population
  • Description of the sample frame, design, and size
  • Weighting procedures (if used)
  • Notation of sample size for each piece of the results
  • Methods used to collect data
  • Dates of data collection
CSR also offers executive summaries, frequencies, cross-tabulations, PowerPoint presentations, visual displays (charts, graphs, and maps), and other requested summaries of data results.  Further, datasets are provided in the sponsor’s preferred format (SAS, SPSS, Access, Excel, etc.).