In-Depth Interviews

An in-depth interview is a conversation (usually face-to-face) with an individual conducted by a trained interviewer.  This discovery- oriented method of data collection allows the interviewer to delve deeper and explore the participant’s underlying attitudes and feelings on certain topics. In-depth interviews can be used for a variety of purposes including program evaluation, needs assessment, and strategic planning.


CSR offers experienced and professionally trained in-depth interviewers who are willing to travel around Pennsylvania (and beyond) to complete these interviews. We work with each sponsor to identify potential participants and develop a line of questioning for each in-depth interviewing project. The following services are offered for in-depth interviews:

  • Project design and consultation
  • Sample design and identification of respondents
  • Recruiting of respondents
  • Interview services
  • In-depth interview guide development
  • Audio recording of in-depth interview session
  • Transcription services
  • Qualitative analysis and report writing
  • Presentation of results

For more information or to discuss your needs, contact Nicole Sturges at 717-948-6117 or