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The Penn State Poll: An Omnibus Poll of Pennsylvania

The Penn State Poll is designed to allow organizations and researchers with statewide interests to contribute one or more customized questions to an omnibus telephone survey while sharing the costs.  The result is an extremely cost-effective way to poll statewide in Pennsylvania, since sponsors pay for only the question(s) that they submit.  The Penn State Poll is conducted twice a year (spring and fall), and 600 adult Pennsylvanians are interviewed during each administration. 

Sponsors of past Penn State Polls have used the results of the survey to track public policy issues; measure general attitudes, awareness, and knowledge of their organizations; and measure satisfaction with organizational services and performance. 

Standard demographic questions (sex, age, ethnicity, race, education level, income, political affiliation, and geography), assistance with writing questions, a methodology report, and a cleaned, weighted dataset are included in the cost.  The Center can also provide a variety of customized reports for an additional fee.  Questions for the Penn State Poll start at $1,000.  


All questions submitted by the sponsor, and the answers and analyses of them, remain the exclusive property of the sponsor and cannot be released by the Center for Survey Research without prior written consent from the sponsor.  To learn more about the Penn State Poll, view the following links:



For more information or a FREE cost estimate, please contact Stephanie L. Wehnau, Director of the Center for Survey Research, at 717-948-6429 or