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The Penn State Poll: An Omnibus Poll of Pennsylvania



The Penn State Poll pricing structure is based on the type of question and number of response options.  Costs are outlined below.


Closed-ended Questions – Select one:

Closed – select 1 response: Up to 5 response options ($1,000)

Closed – select 1 response: 6-10 response options ($1,200)

Closed – select 1 response: 11-15 response options ($1,400)

Closed – select 1 response: >15 responses (Cost TBD)


Closed-ended Questions – Select all that apply:

Closed – select all that apply: per number of selections ($200/selection + $1,000)


Add-on to Any Closed Question:

Other, please specify ($300/closed question)


Open-ended Questions:

Open – numeric entry ($1,000)

Open – alpha-numeric entry ($1,700)


Question Clarification Statements:

Per Question Clarification Statement ($200)

Example (information in red below):

Body worn video (also called "on-officer recording systems," "body cams," or "cop cams") are small pager-sized cameras that clip on to an officer's uniform or are worn as a headset, and record audio and video of the officer's interactions with the public.


Please tell me if you strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree with the following statement...I would feel safer if a police officer was wearing a video camera (i.e. body cam, cop cam, etc.).


It is useful to consult with CSR staff before determining the number and type of questions to be asked.


Other reporting services, such as recoding, frequencies, cross-tabulation tables, results reports with statistical analysis, word clouds, and presentation of results are available for an additional fee.  For more information on the Penn State Poll deliverables, please explore the following link: Penn State Poll Deliverables


For more information or a FREE cost estimate, please contact Stephanie L. Wehnau, Director of the Center for Survey Research, at 717-948-6429 or