Center for Survey Research

Penn State Harrisburg, Center for Survey Research

The Penn State Poll: An Omnibus Poll of Pennsylvania



Each client participating in the Penn State Poll receives the following services and deliverables as part of the per-question cost:

  • Assistance in wording and sequencing of questions
  • Complete methodological report detailing both technical and quality control procedures
  • Cleaned, weighted (by age/sex) dataset of sponsored questions and standard demographics in the format of your choice (i.e., SPSS, Excel, or SAS)


Standard demographic questions (age, sex, ethnicity, race, education, income, political affiliation, and geography) are included in the per-question cost.  The following link includes question wording and demographic re-codes: Demographic Questions and Recodes


Discussion of results, statistical analysis, and other services are available for an additional charge.  They include:

  • Weighted frequencies/means of survey results in Microsoft Excel
  • Cross-tabulation tables by standard demographic questions in Microsoft Excel (no statistical testing)
  • Cross-tabulation by another survey question (no statistical testing)
  • Results report with statistical testing, text, charts, tables, etc.
  • Weighting by ethnicity, race, or political affiliation
  • Recoding closed-ended questions
  • Recoding open-ended (alpha-numeric) questions
  • Word cloud
  • Infographics
  • Presentation of results

To learn more about the costs associated with the Penn State Poll, explore the following page: Per Question Costs.  For more information or a FREE cost estimate, please contact Stephanie L. Wehnau, Director of the Center for Survey Research, at 717-948-6429 or