Reporting Add-ons

All clients receive the following deliverables as part of their per question costs: assistance with writing questions, standard demographic questions, a methodology report, and a cleaned dataset.

Clients may choose to add on the following reporting options for an additional charge:
  • Qualtrics reports, a web-based reporting option, include data visualizations and web links to share with others (no statistical testing) (web link) - Qualtrics report example (opens in a new window)
  • Results report with statistical testing, text, graphs, and charts (PDF) - Results report example (opens in a new window)
  • Frequencies or means (depends on the question) of survey results (Microsoft Excel)
  • Cross-tabulation tables by standard demographic questions and frequencies/means (no statistical testing) (Microsoft Excel)
  • Cross-tabulation tables by survey questions (no statistical testing; note: this is only available to clients who request cross-tabulation tables by standard demographic questions) (Microsoft Excel)
  • Word cloud for open-ended question (JPG or PDF)
  • Weighting on a demographic variable (ethnicity, race, political party, etc.)*
  • Recoding responses into a new variable (Included in dataset)
  • Presentation of results (PPT included)

*This option is not available for Lion Poll Lite.


For more information or a FREE cost estimate, please contact Steph Wehnau, Director of the Center for Survey Research, at 717-948-4323 or