Per Question Costs

The Lion Poll pricing structure is based on the type of question and number of response options.  Costs are outlined below.


Closed – select 1 response: Up to 5 response options ($1,000)

Closed – select 1 response: 6-10 response options ($1,200)

Closed – select 1 response: 11-15 response options ($1,400)

Closed – select 1 response: >15 responses (Cost TBD)

Closed – select all that apply ($1,000 + $200 per response option)

Other, please specify: added to closed question ($500)

Open – numeric entry ($1,000)

Open – alpha-numeric entry ($2,000)


It is useful to consult with CSR staff before determining the number and type of questions to be asked.


The following items are included with the per question costs:

  • Assistance in wording and sequencing of questions
  • 15 standard demographic questions (age, sex, ethnicity, race, education, income, political affiliation, political ideology, geography (zip code, county, region, rural/urban status), number of children in the household, number of adults in the household, and household size.  View details about questions and recodes (opens in a new window).
  • Complete methodological report detailing both technical and quality control procedures
  • Cleaned dataset of client's question(s) and standard demographic questions that is representative by age/sex and region


Other reporting services, including but not limited to: frequencies, cross-tabulation tables, results reports with statistical analysis, word clouds, and presentation of results are available for an additional fee.  For more information on reporting options, please explore reporting add-ons.


For more information or a FREE cost estimate, please contact Steph Wehnau, Director of the Center for Survey Research, at 717-948-4323 or