What is a Community Assessment?

A Community Assessment, often referred to as a climate assessment, is a vital tool for understanding the unique features of your campus community. It provides a clear picture of the challenges faced by your campus and suggests resources available to your campus to help address those challenges.  A Community Assessment is a framework for use in future planning, enabling your campus to respond appropriately to help strengthen your community.


The Center for Survey Research has assisted the Assessment Subcommittee of the Penn State Harrisburg Diversity and Educational Equity Committee since 2003.  This commitment to assessment has allowed the Committee to make comparisons between points in time, to determine what (if any) progress was occurring, and to identify diversity-specific challenges facing the College. 


To access documents related to Penn State Harrisburg’s Community Assessments, visit Penn State Harrisburg’s Diversity webpage
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“The Center for Survey Research has assisted the Penn State Harrisburg Diversity and Educational Equity Committee with our triennial campus community assessments since 2003 in accordance with our campus’ commitment to diversity and inclusiveness as a way of life.  The data they collected has allowed us to explore the successes and diversity-specific challenges facing the campus in order to implement strategies for providing an open, welcoming campus community.  I have found the staff from the Center for Survey Research to be professional, easy to work with, and dedicated to providing high quality services to the University and beyond.”

– Dr. Mukund Kulkarni, Chancellor of Penn State Harrisburg


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